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Folder: HandbooksHandbooksHandbooks
Folder: Policies and ProceduresPolicies and ProceduresPolicies and Procedures
Folder: Sporting resultsSporting resultsSporting results
combined 10 boys.pdf2018 10 Yrs Boys Multi Resultscombined 10 boys80 KB
Combined 10 girls.pdf2018 10 Yrs Girls Multi ResultsCombined 10 girls80 KB
1500m.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs 1500m Results1500m296 KB
200.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs 200m Results200306 KB
800.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs 800m Results800306 KB
Discus.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs Discus ResultsDiscus304 KB
High.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs High Jump ResultsHigh305 KB
Long.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs Long Jump ResultsLong306 KB
10-12 yrs School Sport Zones 2018.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs School Sport Zones10-12 yrs School Sport Zones 201836 KB
Shot.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs Shot Put ResultsShot302 KB
Sprint.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs Sprint ResultsSprint304 KB
2018 10-12 Yrs Track and Field Program of Events.pdf2018 10-12 Yrs Track & Field Program2018 10-12 Yrs Track and Field Program of Events46 KB
combined 11 boys.pdf2018 11 Yrs Boys Multi Resultscombined 11 boys80 KB
combined 11 girls.pdf2018 11 Yrs Girls Multi Resultscombined 11 girls79 KB
combined 12 boys.pdf2018 12 Yrs Boys Multi Resultscombined 12 boys79 KB
combined 12 girls.pdf2018 12 Yrs Girls Multi Resultscombined 12 girls78 KB
complete results 13-19 by event.pdf2018 13-19 Yrs Complete Results by Eventcomplete results 13-19 by event135 KB
2018 13-19 Yrs T and F Hammer, 3000m, 5000m Program - Wednesday.pdf2018 13-19 Yrs Hammer, 3000m & 5000m Program2018 13-19 Yrs T and F Hammer, 3000m, 5000m Program - Wednesday30 KB
Results by school.pdf2018 13-19 Yrs Results by SchoolResults by school166 KB
Aquathlon Overall Results Boys 2018.pdf2018 Aquathlon Results (Boys)Aquathlon Overall Results Boys 201881 KB
Aquathlon Overall Results Girls 2018.pdf2018 Aquathlon Results (Girls)Aquathlon Overall Results Girls 201876 KB
2018 Byron Foundation Memo.pdf2018 Byron Foundation2018 Byron Foundation Memo43 KB
XC Overall Results 2018.pdf2018 Cross Country Results (Overall)XC Overall Results 2018459 KB
2018 DD TRIATHLON Trials_RB.docx2018 DD Triathlon Trials2018 DD TRIATHLON Trials_RB225 KB
Primary School Development NRL Cup Invitation.pdf2018 Development CupPrimary School Development NRL Cup Invitation112 KB
EFT  Payment Authorisation OFFICIALS.pdf2018 EFT Payment Authority OfficialsEFT Payment Authorisation OFFICIALS138 KB
2018 Junior Vicki Wilson Netball Information and Nomination.pdf2018 Junior Vicki Wilson Netball Cup2018 Junior Vicki Wilson Netball Information and Nomination56 KB
2018 Laura Gietz Shield Information.pdf2018 Laura Gietz Shield2018 Laura Gietz Shield Information19 KB
2018 Professional Development.docx2018 Professional Development2018 Professional Development114 KB
2018 QSS Cross Country 1km Relay Course Map.pdf2018 QSS Cross Country 1km Relay2018 QSS Cross Country 1km Relay Course Map978 KB
2018 QSS Cross Country 2km Course Map.pdf2018 QSS Cross Country 2km Course2018 QSS Cross Country 2km Course Map980 KB
13-19 Programme - Field Events.docx2018 T & F - Field Events Program13-19 Programme - Field Events35 KB
13-19 Programme -Thursday Track Events 2018.docx2018 T & F - Track Events13-19 Programme -Thursday Track Events 201839 KB
10-12 yrs School Sport Zones 2019.pdf2019 10-12 Yrs School Sport Zone10-12 yrs School Sport Zones 201936 KB
dd 10-12 results by event.pdf2019 10-12 Yrs Swimming Resultsdd 10-12 results by event79 KB
LIST Primary Officials.pdf2019 10-12 Yrs Team OfficialsLIST Primary Officials56 KB
Zone Convenors 10-12 Yrs.pdf2019 10-12 Yrs Zone ConvenorsZone Convenors 10-12 Yrs293 KB
Zone Executive 10-12 Yrs.pdf2019 10-12 Yrs Zone ExecutiveZone Executive 10-12 Yrs14 KB
dd 13-19 results by event.pdf2019 13-19 Swimming Resultsdd 13-19 results by event81 KB
District Convenors 13-19 Yrs.pdf2019 13-19 Yrs District ConvenorsDistrict Convenors 13-19 Yrs25 KB
District Executive 13-19 Yrs.pdf2019 13-19 Yrs District ExecutiveDistrict Executive 13-19 Yrs10 KB
13-19 Years Schools by District 2019.pdf2019 13-19 Yrs Schools by District13-19 Years Schools by District 201988 KB
LIST Secondary Officials.pdf2019 13-19 Yrs Team OfficialsLIST Secondary Officials75 KB
2019 Disability Calendar.pdf2019 AWD Calendar2019 Disability Calendar63 KB
2019 Combined Calendar (12  February 2019) docx.pdf2019 Combined Calendar2019 Combined Calendar (12 February 2019) docx80 KB
DDXC Highfields Course.pdf2019 Cross Country CourseDDXC Highfields Course443 KB
DDSS Management Group Contacts.pdf2019 DDSS Management ContactsDDSS Management Group Contacts340 KB
DDSS Board Contacts.pdf2019 DDSSB ContactsDDSS Board Contacts203 KB
Form 1 Team Training Program Form.pdf2019 Form 1 Team Training Program FormForm 1 Team Training Program Form53 KB
2019 Darling Downs 10-12 Years Swimming Qualifying Standards and Trial Events.pdf2019 Qualifying 10-12 Yrs Swimming2019 Darling Downs 10-12 Years Swimming Qualifying Standards and Trial Events50 KB
2019 Darling Downs 13-19 Yrs Swimming Qualifying Standards.pdf2019 Qualifying 13-19 Yrs Swimming2019 Darling Downs 13-19 Yrs Swimming Qualifying Standards29 KB
Application Form 2019 (Web - no close date).pdf2019 Team Official Application FormApplication Form 2019 (Web - no close date)38 KB
Team Official Uniform Order Form.pdf2019 Team Official Uniform Order FormTeam Official Uniform Order Form62 KB
Vacancies 2019 December.pdf2019 Team Official VacanciesVacancies 2019 December35 KB
Form 1 Transfer of Duty Forms.pdf2019 Transfer of Duty FormForm 1 Transfer of Duty Forms65 KB
DD Accommodation Policy.pdfAccommodation PolicyDD Accommodation Policy7 KB
Age Policy Statement 2019.pdfAge Policy Statement 2019Age Policy Statement 201911 KB
approval-to-use-private-vehicle.pdfApproval to use private vehicleapproval-to-use-private-vehicle44 KB
behaviour-management-policy.pdfBehaviour management policybehaviour-management-policy10 KB
form-3-breach-players-code-of-behaviour.pdfBreaches of players code of behaviourform-3-breach-players-code-of-behaviour22 KB
Child Protection Risk Management Policy.pdfChild Protection Risk Management PolicyChild Protection Risk Management Policy12 KB
Code of Conduct Students Parents Spectators.pdfCode of Conduct Students Parents SpectatorsCode of Conduct Students Parents Spectators23 KB
Codes of Conduct.pdfCodes of ConductCodes of Conduct83 KB
Competition Procedures - 10-12 Years Dec 2018.pdfCompetition Procedures 10-12 YearsCompetition Procedures - 10-12 Years Dec 201829 KB
Competition Procedures- 13-19 Yrs Dec 2018.pdfCompetition Procedures 13-19 Years Dec 2018Competition Procedures- 13-19 Yrs Dec 201828 KB
DDSSB Management Procedures 2 December 2017.pdfDD Management Procedures 2 Dec 2017DDSSB Management Procedures 2 December 2017596 KB
DD Student protection guidelines 2019.pdfDD Student Protection Guidelines 2019DD Student protection guidelines 201990 KB
duties-of-a-coach.pdfDuties of a coachduties-of-a-coach33 KB
duties-of-a-convenor.pdfDuties of a convenorduties-of-a-convenor39 KB
duties-of-a-trainer.pdfDuties of a trainerduties-of-a-trainer27 KB
Financial Assistance Students.pdfFinancial Assistance StudentsFinancial Assistance Students18 KB
form-11-disclosure-of-harm.pdfForm 11 disclosure of harm form-11-disclosure-of-harm29 KB
Form 7 DDTeamList.pdfForm 7 DD Team ListForm 7 DDTeamList6 KB
Form7DDTeamList.xlsForm7DD Team ListForm7DDTeamList44 KB
general-checklist-for-team-manager.pdfGeneral checklists for team managersgeneral-checklist-for-team-manager81 KB
grievance-appeal-policy.pdfGrievance appeal policy grievance-appeal-policy201 KB
offline-health-safety-incident-report-form.pdfHealth and safety incident reporting form offline-health-safety-incident-report-form110 KB
hydration-guidelines.pdfHydration guidelineshydration-guidelines17 KB
2018 DD Interschool Golf Comp.pdfInterschool Golf Comp2018 DD Interschool Golf Comp72 KB
form-2-management-regional-team-funds.pdfManagement of regional team fundingform-2-management-regional-team-funds164 KB
consentmedical form for zones.pdfMedical Form for Trialsconsentmedical form for zones83 KB
Parent Consent 2019.pdfParental Consent FormParent Consent 201971 KB
form-9-payment-advice.xlsPayment adviceform-9-payment-advice61 KB
project-consent-summary.pdfQueensland School Sport project consent form project-consent-summary76 KB
Regional Trial Nomination Form.pdfRegional Trial Nomination FormRegional Trial Nomination Form78 KB
2019 DDSSB Regional Trial Permission Form.pdfRegional Trial Permission Form2019 DDSSB Regional Trial Permission Form618 KB
reporting-framework.pdfReporting frameworkreporting-framework6 KB
2013-risk-assessment-sports-event-convenor.docRisk assessment sports event convenors2013-risk-assessment-sports-event-convenor379 KB
risk-management-info-sheet-10.pdfRisk management information sheetrisk-management-info-sheet-1084 KB
risk-management-policy.pdfRisk management policyrisk-management-policy10 KB
DD Selection Policy.pdfSelection PolicyDD Selection Policy18 KB
OFFICE - Sporting Monies Remittance Calculator.xlsSporting Monies Remittance CalculatorOFFICE - Sporting Monies Remittance Calculator48 KB
team-list-host-region.pdfState championship team list host regionteam-list-host-region29 KB
Student Details Form.pdfStudent Details FormStudent Details Form40 KB
Medical Details Form.pdfStudent Medical Details FormMedical Details Form44 KB
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